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Your outfit and accessories for the party are all set and the right shoes have been found. So the time has come for that last finishing touch: make-up! RMS Beauty's makeup helps you to create ultra-feminine looks that accentuate your best features ánd nourishes your delicate skin at the same time! What else could a girl ask for? We'll show you two stunning looks - just in time for the holiday season!

Today the second look: Almost nude eyes with seductive lips

Refined base:

1. Apply RMS Beauty's 'Un' cover-up (in a matching skin tone) with a foundation sponge and blend using your fingers.
2. RMS' 'Un-powder' facial powder offers nourishing components and comes in a color neutral version - perfect for all skin tones! Loosely apply with a large powder brush.
3. Finish your perfect base with a touch of color using a blend of two colors of RMS' Lip2Cheek. Apply the colors Smile and Curious with your fingers and blend till the right hue is achieved.

Subtle shine on the eyes

Use an eye-shadow base before following the steps below.

4. Use fingers or a brush to apply a blend of RMS Beauty's Eye Polish in the colors Lucky and Magnetic. These products contain natural minerals that work as a nourishing moisturizer.
5. Darken your lashes with the Defining Mascara from RMS Beauty.
6. If you wish you can finish with a subtle line around the eyes using a kohl pencil - preferably in warm tonal hue.

The finishing touch

7. We've used RMS' Lip2Cheek in the color Illusive, topped off with Lip Shine in the color Content. Both products take care of your lips with added vitamins and nutrients!
8. A beautiful glamorous finishing touch is only a step away with the Beauty Luminizer from RMS. Apply underneath the eyebrows, on the cheekbones and a tad on the forehead. Blend with your fingers for a naturally highlighted result.
9. Fixate your look with COOLA's Makeup Setting Spray - for a beautiful look that lasts.

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