How To Choose Your Bridal Lehenga Colour According To Complexion?

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Choosing Your Best Bridal Lehenga Colour According To Skin Tone

Shaadi season is going to be here soon and c’mon let’s admit it, even if you are the bride’s sister’s chachi’s bhaji's daughter, you still want to look better than the bride herself. It’s okay, we are all guilty of that. BUT, but, if you are a bride-to-be and you still don’t know what to wear for your wedding, you have come to the right place young woman. Your perfect Indian wedding outfit should be based on your Indian skin tone whether you are fair, medium or dark. Before buying your bridal lehenga, access your complexion and then choose your bridal wear. Read on, and thank me later. Also, if you’re the bhaji's daughter, read on as well, just please don’t steal the pretty bride’s limelight, do it for your wedding, not hers.

While most traditional brides go for a red bridal lehenga, think to yourself if red is really your color. Red might suit a dusky bride more than a fair skin bride. While a pink wedding lehenga is more apt for fair skin brides rather than dark skin toned brides. You the color which works for your complexion whether fair or wheatish. Think which lehenga color suits you the best. Don’t just follow the trends. Pastel lehengas are trending but that doesn't mean you should buy your wedding outfit in that color.

Have you ever seen the most gorgeous wedding trousseau and realized that the lehenga is beautiful, but it just looks odd on you, like something is not right. It’s you, not the lehenga. We often wear colors that are our “favorite”, but we do not think about whether it suits us or not. For example, if hot pink is your favorite color, it is not going to suit all skin tones no matter how beautiful the lehenga is. When you dress up as a bride, you dress so that people notice you, rather than just the outfit. Remember this while bridal shopping.

Compliments should sound like, “Wow you look beautiful in this dress!”, rather than, “Wow, that’s a beautiful dress!”. Get the difference? No? Don’t worry, simply read on. Before we decide to rush to the wedding store and choose the color of your Indian bridal dress, do some study, some research, understand what works for you and what does not, and embrace it. Do not buy the first thing you see, look for a while, and pick the best. Avoid shopping for your lehenga online, go wedding shopping with your mom, sister or your girlfriends.

How to choose the best bridal lehenga color according to complexion?

Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started, shall we?

1. Identifying your skin color. In India, wee prominently has 3 major skin tones. They are Fair, Wheatish, and Dusky. Identify which category you come under and make a note it. An Indian bride’s skin complexion plays the priority because we have no shortage of colors for bridal outfits.

2. Identify your skin undertone. This is very important. Your undertone is the determining factor of which colors suit you. There are 2 major undertones, warm and cool. In case you are not sure, grab a white and an off-white piece of cloth. If your skin looks brighter while wearing the white piece, you have a cool undertone. If not, then warm. Another test is, if the veins on your wrist are blue then you have cool undertones and if they are green then you have warm undertones.

3. Understanding your colors based on seasons. While selecting the right lehenga color according to your skin tone is important, but seasons play an important role too. Now, this step may seem a little difficult to follow, but if you got the first two steps clear, this will not be a problem. If you are fair with a warm undertone, your colors are Spring. If you are fair with a cool undertone, you are Summer. If you are Wheatish with a warm undertone, you are Spring, and if you have a cool undertone, you are Autumn. If you are Dusky with a warm undertone, you are Autumn, else, you are Winter. So confusing, isn’t it? Don’t worry, your confusion will be cleared in a minute.

1. Bridal lehenga colors for Cool fair complexion:

After completing the analysis, if you got Summer, your best-suited colors are:
Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, Bubblegum Pink, Light Green, Sky blue, etc. Cool toned fair brides try lehengas in these shades or shades that come in the lighter end of the color spectrum. Not just for your wedding dress, you can use this analysis even for your Roka, Sangeet, Mehendi, whatever the occasion may be. Here are a few bridal outfit choices.

My personal favorite is the last blue lehenga, but alas, it does not come in my color range. I’m quite sad about that.

2. Brides with Fair to Wheatish Skin Tone with Warm Undertones:

Now, if you are a Spring, your shades are on the pastel side and the black shades. Pastels are not everybody’s cup of tea, so, if you can pull it off, wear pastels!! Pastel lehengas are so in right now, but apart from being in, you also need the right skin tone to wear right? And if pastels are not your thing, do not even consider it. I’m saying this out of personal experience, if you are a fall or a winter, do not try pastels, it is going to make your skin pale and blotchy. Highlight your skin complexion by wearing the right lehenga color, not the other way round.

If you are fair to wheatish skin bride and pastels are still not your thing, opt for the lehengas in block shades, shades that have not been mixed and matched and are the original, true colors. One can try Bridal lehenga colors like Lilac, Red, Orange, Chrome Yellow,, Leaf Green and pastels, of course. Here are a few wedding lehenga options you could try:

3. Brides With Cool Wheatish Skin or Warm Dark Indian Skin Tone:

In case you are an Autumn or Fall, you are on the lighter end of the darker spectrum. Confusing? Don’t worry. People with Autumns are often confused with Spring, but it is your undertone that ultimately decides your season. So, if you are cool medium or warm dark Indian bride searching for the right bridal lehenga color, your colors are Yellow Ochre, Maroon, Pumpkin Orange, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Rust, Brown, Jade, and Emerald to name a few. Choosing the right bridal lehenga color for dark skin brides is not difficult opposed to the general notion. Here are your D day lehenga choices:

4. Lehenga colors for Cool dark complexion:

Lastly, if you are a Winter, firstly, hi-five, I am a Winter myself. Secondly, do not feel restricted or disappointed now that you know you are a Winter. Yes, Winter is tricky, but it is okay, we are here to help you! Your color choices can be White, Black, Grey, Magenta, Mauve, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Violet, Christmas Green, Wine, Copper, to name a few. Here are your wedding outfit options:

With this being said, understand that this guide is not to change your perspective about fashion and your favorite colors completely, but, it is meant to give direction to your sense of fashion. For example, if I am a Winter and I like red, instead of opting for the typical Crimson Red, I can opt for Wine or Burgundy instead. Or, if I am an Autumn and I like Yellow, I can wear a Yellow Ochre rather than a Lemon Yellow. Get the difference?

Now, you are completely free to read past this entire guide on how to choose the best bridal lehenga color and do whatever you ultimately want to do, but understand that this wedding post is just giving you a sense of understanding of colors and knowing what works for your skin tone as well as your undertone.

Go, get your shaadi outfits ready! Keep these points in mind, or don’t, it's your wish! Happy wedding shopping and until then, cheers!

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