10 Simple Tips For Fabulous Flawless Skin

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Does your heart die a little every time you see that airbrushed model puckering her pink, glossy lips, and her skin looking as if it’s been specially manufactured at a shop that boasts of super-awesome skin? Join thousands of women if it does. Just to let you know, getting flawless skin isn’t as impossible as the little pessimist in your head is telling you. We share with you 10 tips to get flawless skin that will help transform your skin into the breathtaking vision you have in mind.

Simple Tips for Flawless Skin

1. Eat Healthy:

You’ve heard it a million times before, so there must be some truth to it, don’t you think? The lesser fried and processed foods you eat, the lesser your skin has to work to keep it oil-free and healthy. It’s up to you now.

2. Cleanse Well:

At the risk of sounding like an overrun fairness cream commercial, dirt, grime and pollution can indeed leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. Your skin needs a rigorous cleansing regime with the right products to ensure that it remains clean and supple.

3. Exfoliate Like A Boss:

Apart from daily cleansing, your skin needs to rid itself of all the constantly-accumulating dead skin, dirt and grime that simple cleansing cannot get rid of. Hence, exfoliating with a good scrub (we suggest walnut or apricot) at least once every two days is absolutely necessary.

4. Pamper Your Skin:

The best way to show your skin that you love it is to pamper it as much as you can. Apart from following a regular skincare regime, regular clean-ups, massages and such treatments will help increase blood circulation and refresh your skin.

5. Drink To Your Heart’s Content:

Fluids are the elixir of our body systems. Whether it’s just water or juices from a bunch of fresh fruits, drink as much as you can and as much as you want to. Hydration is the key for well-nourished, soft and glowing skin.

6. Hide from the Sun:

There’s no real point of helping your skin so much from the inside if you’re not going to proactively also help it from the outside. Cover yourself when you’re out in the afternoon sun. If you need to soak up the sun, do it early in the morning when the harmful UV rays aren’t yet out.

7. Clean Your Hair:

Sometimes, bumps, acne and other skin problems can be caused due to dandruff from the hair coming into contact with the skin. So, wash your hair with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo to take that extra step towards healthy skin.

8. Go Natural:

This is another piece of advice that you’ve probably heard so many times, that you doubt its authenticity. Well, don’t. Natural skincare products are definitely safer than chemical ones for the simple reason that the chances of side effects with them is drastically low compared to synthetic ones. They can be considered as the best beauty tips for flawless skin.

9. Use Skincare Products Judiciously:

Just because you’re using natural products does not mean you go overboard. Give your skin a breather once in a while. Ditch that all-natural mineral makeup and go natural. Your skin will thank you; that’s a guarantee.

10. Don’t Stress So Much:

You can do all of the above and still be fretting over why your skin isn’t as flawless as all those ads and this post said it would be. Do you know why? It’s because you’re stressing over the fact that it isn’t. Stress causes excess oil secretion, which in turn, causes your skin to absorb more dirt that in turn leads to skin problems. You do the math now.
Remember, the most beautiful part of you is not what you look like, but what you are within. Inner radiance is what reflects on the outside, so as long as you’re happy on the inside, nothing can stop your skin from flaunting it.

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