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Have you been religiously following a strict beauty routine and fail to see the clear skin that you have been so devotedly working may be time to review your entire skin care regime.Here are some common blunders that you may be guilty of committing - chances are you’ll find at least one that you can change and achieve that dream skin.

You have been told this a million times and yet just can’t resist that urge to burst that inflamed monster? Well, go ahead but only if you are ready for an infection that may spread under your skin and that ugly dark scar! If not, keep your hands at a distance from that pimple.

What you should be doing -Use an anti-acne cream on the pimples and keep your face clean to avoid frequent breakouts. Consult a dermatologist for persistent acne problems.

Came across an awesome face wash or face cream and just bought it without checking if it suits your skin type? Do you use skin products without full knowledge about the product? You may be ignorantly exposing your skin to risk of damage.

What you should be doing -Make an informed choice when it comes to what you put on that beautiful and sensitive skin if you want to avoid irritation, acne, rashes and have a flawless skin. Also keep a track of the expiry date of your skin care products to avoid using them past their shelf life.

Feeling too lazy to clean your face after a long tiring day? It is convenient to sleep without removing that makeup but what about that dirt and oil accumulated on your skin throughout the day! Letting the makeup stay all night will only cause blocking of pores and eventually will lead to breakouts.
What you should be doingFollow a bedtime skin care routine of removing the makeup with a good makeup remover followed by washing your face with a face wash and then moisturizing it with a night cream suited for your skin. For days when you feel way too lazy use a disposable wet wipe before hitting the bed.

You may think that exfoliating your face almost daily will give you that flawless skin you dream of but it is time to bust that myth. Over exfoliation may prove highly damaging in the long term as it causes removal of too much of the top skin layer that acts as a protective barrier against environmental toxins and sun damage. Over scrubbing may also lead to oily skin as too much of exfoliation speeds up skin’s oil production as a natural repair mechanism to balance the damage.

What you should be doingExfoliating your skin twice or thrice a week is sufficient for perfect skin care routine.

Brushes tend to develop bacteria if they remain unclean for a long time. Usage of dirty bushes passes these bacteria on to the skin and may cause skin infection.

What you should be doing Wash your brushes regularly, specially the foundation brush. It really does not take much time or energy. Stop sharing brushes if you want to avoid sharing possible skin infections. Invest in a good brush and replace it after prolonged usage.

Ladies it is called beauty sleep for a reason! Lack of sleep shows on your skin making you look pale and tired along with those under eye circles.

What you should be doing – Get minimum 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep daily. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to get a good night’s sleep. Avoid caffeinated drinks and oily, spicy food just before bed.

It may sound lame but those lovely floral cotton pillowcases may be silently damaging your skin. The cotton fabric may feel harsh against your skin and the friction caused between the pillow case and your skin can damage the protective top layer of your skin and wipe off that night care product that you religiously apply hoping for a healthy rejuvenated skin.

What you should be doing - Switch over to satin or silk pillowcases.  You will love the way they feel against your skin. Alternatively, use a fabric softneron your cotton pillow cases.

You may use tons of skin care products and follow a strict beauty routine, but as long as you don’t eat healthy all your efforts for that gorgeous, healthy skin will surely go waste. Nothing reflects more on your skin than your dietary habits. A healthy diet will automatically bring that natural glow on your skin whereas an unhealthy diet will reflect on your skin in the form of acne, dullness, etc.

What you should be doing – Eat healthy and make sure you include a lot of veggies and salads in your diet. You may love oily and spicy food but it is time to break up with them. Clichéd as it may sound, do not forget water. Drink a lot of water if you want those toxins out of your system.

Don’t we all love those long hot showers in winters! Well, your skin absolutely hates them. The hot water that seems so relaxing robs your skin of all the essential oils and moisture leaving it exposed and dry.

What you should be doing  Use warm water instead of hot if you want to maintain the moisture level of your skin and not leave it dry and flaky.

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