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OKAY LADIES. You know who you are… (I’ll raise my hand hard for this one.) You’re never not late. You’re mad because you left too late to even stop and pick up coffee. Most likely you’ll spill your purse on the way to the car making you even MORE late. But you’ve gotta show up looking put together because even though you’re never on time, you’re still professional AF. You are my tribe.

I mean, I could honestly leave an hour early to be somewhere 15 minutes away and something would happen to make me late. For us, I came up with a list of 5 looks you could do in your car (when at a full and complete stop, of course!) to pull it together and make it look like you had nothing but time.


HOW TO: Spray all over with texture spray. Put your hair in a ponytail. Take a small thin section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base. Pin it. Spray a little more and scrunch the pony to mess it up a little. As you can see– messy is the POINT! Throw on a lip pop and a tiny bit of mascara to make it all look cohesive.


FACT: I did this on wet hair. Lucy’s hair was damp when I braided it here so if you need a wet style, this is your winner!

On damp hair with a middle part, create two Dutch/inside-out braids, one on each side. Tie those off with small elastics. Tuck the tails of the braids into each other (as if you were going to tie them in a knot), then pin them in place. Now take your texture powder and sprinkle a little bit on the damp braids. Start pulling them apart. Head into the office or school and pull them just a little more an hour later. You get this gorgeous texture from the hair air drying in the braid. It’s like a glowing halo of romantic frizz. Guess frizz CAN be good when controlled by a braid!


Remember this look? I got this ponytail holder from H&M. If you can’t find this one, look HERE and HERE and HERE!

The ponytail that gorgeous mane of yours and slap on an accessory. To make it look extra polished, part in the middle and use some shine enhancing hairspray to smooth it down. Add a little spray to the ponytail as well and join it!


Get it right, get it tight. A sleek bun is the poster child for looking like you have your sh*t together. I found an easy way to master that look. Apply coconut oil gel all over and smooth through with a travel size smoothing brush (or fine tooth comb if you don’t have a small brush in your purse). Make a tight ponytail using one elastic. Twist the entirety of your hair all the way to the ends. Tie it off with the other small elastic without letting go. Once the elastic is on, coil the bun. Use large bobby pins to secure. The elastics you added will create an anchor for the pins. SHINY AND CHIIIIIIC.


I’ll be honest, this was my favorite book when I was in grade school before I knew how to style hair and it’s STILL a quick favorite because it requires practically zero effort. Grab the section you’re going to clip up. I go from behind the ears (maybe leave a little out near the ears if you feel you want that softer look) and gather all the hair in the spot where you want the clip to sit. Before adding the clip, twist the hair/flip it over. It gives it a much cooler look. You may need to add a bobby-pin to keep your hair from flipping back if your hair is super thick or course!

Btw– I always keep a small kit in my car for those just in case moments. Should I do a post on that? I feel like it could be helpful because that little kit has saved me many times.

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