Makeup According to Face Shape - Makeup Tips For Round, Oval & Square Faces

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A uniform makeup technique doesn’t do justice to every face shape.

Essential Makeup Tips for Every Face Shape:

The key to looking your best in makeup is to compliment it with the shape of your face. Unless you do that you aren’t truly giving your beauty to express itself fully. Here are some tips to get it right:
Makeup for oval face:

  • Use an angle that is slight to make your eyebrows soft
  • Choose to either highlight your lips or eyes; not both
  • Apply bronzer beneath your cheekbones and along the hairline

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Makeup for round face:

  • The best way to give a circular face the illusion of length is a high-arched brow
  • Go for sheer lips to give a slim look to your face
  • For lighter skin use sheer pinks, nudes and peaches. Sheer plums and browns look great with darker skin tones
  • Going from forehead to chin, give the side of your face a good application of bronzer

Makeup for square face:

  • Angle your eyebrows softly to even out your angular jawline
  • Usebold and bright colours on your lips
  • Use a smidgen of bronzer on either side of your chin and at your temples

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