5 Tips for a Perfect Bridal Makeup

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Every girl dreams of her wedding day and wants to look at her best that day. Starting from her shinning jewellery to her wedding dress, she wants everything to be just perfect.

However, it is also important that the bridal makeup doesn’t look over the top. The bride has to ensure that her makeup and dress are trendy and in fashion. Moreover, the dress and the makeup must complement each other. So if you are the one of the kind who is confused about the kind of getup you are looking for, here are few tips that can help you.

Choosing the Look

If you know someone who looked marvelous on their wedding day, ask them who their makeup artist was. Personal recommendations always work the best. Moreover, you can also look for some makeup artist online who can help you with the desired look you want. For example, MascaraBeauty Salon & Spa has on board. With an experience of over two decades in bridal makeup, she can definitely help you solve your problem.

Right Skincare

If you think you can look fairer by applying any moisturizer before your makeup, think again. Your makeup can slide off within hours if it’s thick and greasy. Unless you have a very dry skin, go for an oil free moisturizer to get a perfect base for your makeup.

Primer is a Must

If you consider primers are just an extra product that might affect your budget, think again. Using the right primer helps your makeup get a long-lasting effect and also helps remove wrinkles and open pores. Though there are lots to choose from, look for the one that suits your skin type. And apply it all over your face, before foundation.

Avoid Sparkly Products

Avoid any eye-shadows/face powders/highlighters that have a lot of sparkle. They might repel flash photography. You can go for products with a little shimmer as they can give you a more elegant look. However, remember to apply these products in small amounts.


If you’re confident enough in applying your own makeup, you can go for it. However, remember that Bridal Makeup is different from your regular makeup. It has to last all day and look photogenic in daylight as well as indoors. Book a lesson with a Makeup Expert and get some early tips on the same. We recommend you to book an early appointment with Mascara Beauty Salon, as she can help you with the various tricks for a Bridal look you can proud upon.

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