Straight Hair Care Tips

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Straight hair 

may look like it is done effortlessly as it remains a preferred choice of many women. However, there is a lot to know regarding the upkeep of straight hair and here are some helpful tips to get you going. These hair care tips especially apply to those who frequent hair salons for straightening services.

Watch the wind

Wind can be a threat to straight hair as it can cause breakage. It is important to protect your straight hair during a windy day or night. Revert to a simple ponytail or braid if you cannot find a way to cover your head.

Stop Static 

The winter months can cause a buildup of static electricity, which is not good for straight hair. One way to combat static is pampering yourself to a Salon Keratin Treatment or Vitamin C treatment at you local salon. Rub it on your pillow before going to bed and give your hair a once over with it before leaving the house.

Shower at NightTry

showering before bed and going to sleep with just a loose braid, a loose bun or pin your hair up sporadically with some bobby pins. This will give your hair extra style and body in the morning. All you have to do when you wake is undo the braid and let nature take over. But remember, do not sleep with wet hair as you will regret it in the morning as it will have its share of kinks.

Mind the mild 

shampoos are the best choice as they do not contain potentially damaging sulfates. The right shampoo can also protect straight hair from humidity. Do some research before you purchase any kind of shampoo. Once you find one, don’t over wash as that will dry your scalp.


Drinking at least six glasses of water per day is a healthy habit. Staying hydrated inside and out is also best for your straight hair. Dandruff is caused by dry scalps, which can occur easily during the cold, dry winter months. Make sure you are getting enough water each and everyday. If you are performing vigorous activity, increase your water consumption to compensate for the additional water loss that will be experienced.

Use Vitamins

Massaging your head with Vitamin E will provide you with a lot of nourishment while also improving circulation and keeping frizz down. It also helps prevent split ends, something that is an ongoing concern for women with straight hair.

Some hair salons offer Vitamin C treatments that are designed to remove damaging hard water free radicals and chlorine. Like staying hydrated, vitamins play an essential role internally and externally. Consult with a medical professional before adding a new vitamin regiment to your diet.

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